Summer Wellness Cycle

This summer we are having an exciting Wellness Cycle! Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and South Beach are hosting different events were the University of Consciousness is delivering tools and tips for how to build healthy relationships in our lives.

Next workshops:

July 31 – 6:00 pm
7601 E Treasure Dr #2, North Bay Village, FL 33141
2nd talk – How to relate in a healthy way.

August 7 – 12 pm
5225 Collins Ave #415, Miami Beach, FL 33140
1st Workshop – How to Enrich Your Relationships

August 12 – 10 am
9831 NW 58th St 137 Doral, Fl 33178
1st Workshop – How to Enrich Your Relationships

The University of Consciousness

The specialized coaches from the UOC are sharing practical workshops where they teach how to enrich the way you relate to the world and achieve what you want.

We are having unique exercises to be in the present that allow you to know your mind and emotions, and learn personal methods to improve your day to day life experience; relieving stress, settling your mind and opening to a new state of being aware of your natural greatness.

Our Allies

Our allies are decisive in this Summer Wellness Cycle! Thanks to them we are reaching wonderful people and sharing this exciting mind blowing experience. They are taking service to a new dimension! You want to look good on the outside, and the best way is starting on the inside.

If you run a Spa or a Beauty Salon, contact us! we got great benefits for you.

If you want to attend to one of our events, follow this news site and we will provide everything you want to know!

This summer, the personal wellness comes from your inner dimension!

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  1. La Universidad de Consciencia transformó mi vida. Mi vida antes y mi vida después de esta maravillosa experiencia. Ahora sé quien soy, nadie mas que el conductor y el auto de mi vida. Gracias a la vida que te puse en mi camino UDC. A mis maestros mi Gratitud inmensa y el deseo desde mi corazón para que mucha gente se permita vivir la Grandeza de quienes son. Un fuerte abrazo a todos en Alabanza, Gratitud y Amor.

    1. Gracias José Luis! Has sido siempre un alumno muy cercano y de mucho valor para nosotros!!!
      Siempre tu compromiso de vida por vivir libre de perturbaciones, de miedos y en dicha, reconociendo tu verdad y quién eres!

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